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for the STAFFING industry in Nevada

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Are you a local staffing company?
Join our state staffing association, a powerful partner for your business success. As a member, you'll be able to interact with other staffing company professionals to keep abreast of important business issues and trends. And telling your customers that you're a member of your state trade association shows you're a key player in the industry.

Chapters serve as the voice of the industry in state efforts to communicate industry matters to association members, legislative leaders, regulators, the news media and the general public. You can make that voice more effective when you join our Association. We are currently forming NSA regional chapters in Las Vegas and the Reno areas. Please contact any of us for details.

Membership Information

ducks Now more than ever, it makes sense to join NSA. Legislative and financial pressures are becoming a consistent threat to the temporary help industry. There is great strength when professionals band together for common goals and interactive support. After all, the Nevada Staffing Association is the only state organization that truly represents the staffing...

For membership, please contact Gary Hopkins CSP, NSA Vice President/Membership Chair at or 702.227.1558.